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Oakland University – BS Exercise Science
Master’s Student at Oakland University (Exercise Science)
W.I.T.S Certified Personal Trainer
Competitive Bodybuilder (NPC)

I obtained a Bachelor’s in Exercise Science in order to become more competent in personal training, online coaching, and bodybuilding. I am beginning my studies toward a Master’s degree in Exercise Science at Oakland University in the fall of 2023. I was an intern at GLAC from January to April of 2023 and I loved all of the great experiences I had within that time! I am a full-time competitive bodybuilder who loves to teach anyone about weightlifting, improving body composition, and having fun in the gym. If you see me around, I am probably eating out of my Tupperware or training! I was a powerlifter in high school and competed at the state level, so I love to dabble in pure strength training as well!


My life passion is bodybuilding, and I am aiming to compete in the Women’s Physique division at a professional level in the future. I am adamant about teaching the use of proper form while lifting and I hope to help individuals understand the reason behind why we lift in a certain way in order to target specific muscle groups. If you want to build muscle, increase strength, improve body composition, learn how to properly lift, or just improve your health in general, I would love to work with you!

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