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Fitness Family (n): 
Any group of people (friends, trainers, workout buddies, or actual
family) who support and inspire each other's fitness goals.

Great Lakes Athletic Club is your premier fitness facility that's both family-owned and family-focused.  GLAC offers all the amenities you need to help you achieve your fitness goals, surrounded by a community who might just become YOUR FITNESS FAMILY.


Group Fitness Classes

Virtual Classes

Indoor Pool & Outdoor Pool

Indoor & Outdoor Tracks

Two Racquetball Courts (convertible to Squash)

Basketball Courts


Sauna & Steam Rooms

Yoga Studio

Cycle Studio

Two Floors of Machine & Free Weights

Olympic Lifting Room

Over 100 Pieces of Cardio Equipment

MYZONE Technology

Free Personal Trainer Consult  (for members 12 and older)

Children's Center

Junior Member Service + Family Hours

* Due to Covid-19 safety restrictions, not all amenities may be available.




This value is two-fold: FIRST, GLAC is a family-owned and family-friendly facility with something for everyone from age 3 months to 100 years!


Our children's center and junior members makes it easy and affordable for you to leave your children under our professional supervision while you get a workout in.   And, our family hours give them the opportunity to use specified areas of the club (like the pool, b-ball courts, and rock wall) with you! 


We also offer summer camp, swim lessons, youth sports, and other children's programs to help your child learn to value fitness at a young age.


SECOND, we take family to mean not only your actual family, but your community as well. This is what differentiates us from other fitness centers/studios. GLAC's community is unmatched. No matter where you're at in your fitness journey, you will be surrounded by like-minded people within a judgement-free space who will inspire and support you along the way.


GLAC is equipped to support your fitness journey no matter where you're at in the midst of it. Children, teenagers, adults, seniors, athletes, non-athletes; whether you've never worked out before, have been on a workout hiatus, or have been working out a long time, GLAC offers a supportive space, filled with the equipment, classes, and other amenities you need to achieve your goals alongside a judgement-free community of trainers, coaches, instructors, and members.


We also understand that fitness doesn't always mean "go, go, go!" which is why we offer members the opportunity to relax in our spa, cafe, sauna, and steam rooms.  (And, sure, you can use childcare while you're here, too!) 


Just as our family value encompasses community, fitness encompasses wellness. We ensure members not only have what they need to sweat, but also to relax, reframe, refresh, and refuel.


Whipping down a waterslide, ascending a rock wall, sinking a three-pointer, getting your dance on in ZUMBA class, challenging a new pickleball opponent... or maybe just challenging yourself with a new class, trainer, MYZONE level, or workout-- we know fitness is fun and we do everything we can to help you find fun in fitness, too!

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