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NPTI Personal Trainer, National Academy of Sports Medicine-CPT, Kettlebell, Explosive Lifting for Sports

I am a certified personal trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine with a specialty in Kettlebells, Explosive Lifting for Sports, and Peak Nutrition Timing. I am graduate of the National Personal Training Institute in Rochester Hills. At GLAC, I teach many personal training sessions as well as 14 CHAOS classes throughout the week. CHAOS training is small group training that is both mentally and physically challenging. The workouts are made up of 12 upper body, lower body, cardio, or core exercise that are all repeated 3 times. Whether it’s one of my personal sessions or a CHAOS session you will receive as much attention from me as you need to help you on your fitness journey. I train a broad spectrum of clients ranging anywhere from 10 year-olds all the way into the mid 80’s and anyone in between. All of my workouts are fun as well as challenging and will leave your feeling accomplished and maybe a little sore when you leave the gym. I understand the changing needs of the human body and am able to modify any exercise to fit your needs. Whether you are looking to pack on some muscle, lose some weight, or just better yourself for the years to come I’ve got you covered. Contact Great Lakes Athletic Club and ask for Andrew Tallman to set up a session or get started in CHAOS.

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