Six Reasons to Invert

This #FitMomFriday, GLAC Yoga Teacher, Lindsey Roldan, shares why she inverts regularly, and why Moms (and everyone!) would benefit by incorporating inversions into their days:  “Inversions keep me calm in the midst of chaos. Taking those 15 or so breaths,...

Improve Your Posture with These 3 Exercises!

This week, for #TrainerTipTuesday, GLAC Personal Trainer, Stephanie Murdock, shares 3 exercises for better posture. Read about them below and/or watch her tutorial video here! EXERCISE #1: SEATED ROW Start by sitting up tall on a stability ball or bench with feet flat...

Happy Halloween!

Danielle’s Aqua Mix class made a spooky splash today during their eighth-annual Halloween celebration. This group sure knows how to fill an already fun and spirited class with even more fun and spirit! Check our Group Fitness schedule for one of our many Aqua...
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