GLAC Yoga Teacher, Lindsey Roldan, shares what being a #FitMom means to her: 

“Motherhood isn’t always perfect.

Sometimes it’s loud, messy, and chaotic.

Some days we are go, go, go.

Other days we sit around in our ‘jammies,’ play dinosaurs, and cuddle all day.

I try to keep it all together by finding a balance…

As a mom, I have to make sure everyone is happy and healthy—including ME.

So, through the chaos, I set aside time for myself:

Time to workout and practice yoga.

Time for my mental and physical health. 

It’s my ‘me” time, which encourages me to step away…

To be kidless.

To pause.

To clear my mind.

To be strong.

It helps me to be more intentional.


The best version of myself–and that, I give to my family.”

Lindsey teaches Hatha Yoga at GLAC–join her Friday mornings at 9am! 

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