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NPTI Personal Trainer, National Academy of Sports Medicine-CPT, FiT Coach

Hi everyone! I’m Bethani DeSantis and I started working at GLAC while in High School in 2005, and since then have worked in almost every department this gym has to offer. I know what our members are looking for from all perspectives. After obtaining my AA in Business Administration and my BA in Business Leadership I decided the corporate world wasn’t for me, and searched for what was next. I stayed home with the kids for a couple years and fell in love with fitness after my third child was born. I absolutely loved the way working out and tracking my nutrition made me feel. I continued my fitness journey while having my fourth baby and using myself and friends as my guinea pigs to find out what methods worked best. Then one day it just clicked that I needed to be a personal trainer to help other people have the success that I have. When I discovered the National Personal Training Institute, through our Athletic Director Regan, I knew I found what I needed. After 500 hours spent both in the gym and classroom I moved into my sixth department at GLAC, Personal Training! I couldn’t be happier with where I am now, and I’d love to share the endorphin rush with you all! I have a special interest in the inner workings of our core musculature and helping mama’s feel confident after having babies. I really enjoy every aspect of the lifestyle I have chosen and I can not wait to help you reach your goals, big or small!

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