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Children's Center 


Athletic Club members with Junior Membership added to their accounts can utilize the Children's Center for up to 1.5 hours daily. Children age 1 (and confidently walking) to 11 years old, no longer need to make reservations in the Children’s Center. 


Only active members who have purchased a Junior Membership on their account and who have birth certificates on file. Birth certificates can now be uploaded to your account right from your phone. To do so, you will need to sign in to your Orion Township GLAC account through your membership account and upload birth certificates and pictures for all members on your account. This must be done prior to utilizing the Children's Center.


As Junior Members, your child will now have their own membership card which is located on the Amilia Smart Rec app. You will used these cards to scan each of your children into the Children’s Center in the same way you currently scan in at the front desk. We are also happy to provide fobs for members who do not wish to scan in via the app, however please note you will need a fab for each child.

Members with infants 3-12 months (not confidently walking) are still required to book reservations to ensure a safe infant-staff ratio. Infant reservation instructions are linked here. This is for a 1.5-hour reservation in the Infant room between the hours of your choice within the following time blocks: (1) 9 am-11am, (2) 11am-1pm or (3) 4pm-7pm. We will accept infant reservations up to one week in advance on a first-come-first-served basis online. See links and directions here.


NOTE: You must first add a "multipass" for your infant to your account in order to make reservations. To do so, click here, choose the "Infant reservations multipass" and add it to your cart (there is no cost). From here, follow purchase prompts. After you get confirmation of your multipass, you are ready to make your infant reservations!


Directions for Making an Infant Reservations are available here.


You can also follow these easy links to book your infant(s) reservations in your desired time slots:





If you have questions or need any help setting up your account please stop in to the children’s center, or email



9am-1pm | 4pm -7pm

Friday & Saturday: 


Sunday :


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