Cardiovascular workouts make your heart and lungs work hard and fast so they can become stronger and more efficient. They increase your muscles’ capillary and mitochondrial density fueling your muscles with more energy and allowing you to achieve a better workout performance which means better results.  Other benefits include increased bone density, reduced stress, and weight loss. And best of all cardio doesn’t have to be just running on the treadmill. We offer a variety of classes to help you be heart healthy and have fun. Classes include:

Active Life – Active life brings a new way to liven up your cardio. Mixed with strength, this exercise is a great way for you to maintain your health.

BODYSTEP (classic) – Do you want a tight butt and toned thighs? With this step routine, you will tighten and lift, all while simply walking to great music.

BODYSTEP (athletic) – More than just an aerobic stepping class, you will lift and tone your body. It is all a step away.

Cycle – Ride to your fitness goal with this class. It will work your body for 60 minutes, and it will be worth every minute.

Cycle Express – Ride with us for 45 minutes. The workout will test your body in ways you never imagined.

Fusion Tone –Fusion Tone is all about getting you slim and ripped. Designed with intervals to surprise your body, it will definitely challenge you.

Kick Tone – In this class, you will use some fighting moves combined with strength exercise to workout your body. So, come throw a punch or kick and jab your way to a better body.

Zumba – Cardio can be so mundane. With Zumba, you will never be bored.  These latin dance moves get you moving and dancing. You’ll forget you are working out at all.

Zumba Plus Zumba Toning – Latin dancing is a fun way to exercise. Add some oomph to your workout with Zumba toning sticks and shake and dance your way to leaner muscles.

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