For this week’s #TrainerTipTuesday, our Director of Personal Training, Roy McIntyre said to “avoid the all-or-nothing approach and, instead, look to establish consistency.”

We asked Roy to elaborate a bit on this.  Here’s what he said:

“Working my way toward my 25th year in the fitness industry, I often look back on the pivotal or defining moments that have occurred during these years. When I first entered the profession, Nautilus (yes, the equipment manufacturer) had a specific type of training program they developed for users of their equipment. Back then it was commonly referred to as “long-slow-lifting method” and it was the dominant method being taught at gyms across the country. Combined with that was the “aerobics” craze with all its blazing neon lights and sweatbands. Then suddenly, thanks in part to the Hollywood action hero, bodybuilding culture moved in as the most effective training method in the world and became mankind’s go-to training program. Bodybuilding eventually fades out and in comes the anti-workout workout better known as Curves and a re-make of the Nautilus system but with a different type of equipment. Around this time or shortly thereafter we start hearing whispers of something called functional aka “core training” making its way out of the physical therapy clinics and into our local gyms. Fast forward to present day where High Intensity Interval Training/CrossFit/Box Gym, with their cool workout names and box jumps, have become the new “best” workout.

So, what does all this have to do with consistency?

Exercise trends will come and go, but the person who exercises consistently—regardless of the latest fad workout—will see consistent results.

Consistency is going to have the biggest impact on your relative fitness throughout the course of your life. That’s why the newest and by far the best method of training being taught and refined now is that of a lifestyle. Exercise, regardless of the type, should be thought of as just one part of a healthy individual lifestyle, which does not revolve around a “this method of training is better for that one” mentality, but rather (you guessed it) consistency. Almost all types of fitness training are beneficial in some way for most individuals.

Being consistent is the foundation from which to build your lifestyle framework. If you consistently add a few more vegetables and fruit to your meals, you’re consistently eating better. If you consistently take a walk twice a week to help unwind at the end of a day, you’re consistently burning more calories than just coming home and sitting in front of the TV.

It’s easy now-a-days to get rapt up in and confused by extreme diets and workouts and secret quick-fixes, that people often don’t give themselves the time to accomplish the goals they want to accomplish. Instead, figure out what works for you and your individual fitness/lifestyle goals and try to stay consistent with it.” (McIntyre, Roy)

Roy McIntyre is the Director of Personal Training at GLAC. Contact him or schedule a consultation with any of our personal trainers to help establish consistency in your own fitness routine.   

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