“The more time you take off, the more you have to make up,” says GLAC Personal Trainer, Speed & Agility Coach, & Former DIII Athlete, Garrett Mathu.

This isn’t to say that rest and recovery aren’t important, but Garrett wants young athletes (football players in particular) to know that if they want to continue to improve in their sport, they need to view the off-season not as a break, but rather as an opportunity to get bigger, stronger, and faster for the following year.

That’s why, starting Monday, November 13th, Garrett will be heading up a Post-Season Football Training program here at Great Lakes Athletic Club.

While Garrett might not believe in time off from working out, he does believe that it is healthy for young athletes to have a break from some of the anxieties that are inevitable during the season:

“I’m not judging or evaluating the kids like a coach would. I’m here to help them take their attention off of making ___ team, beating ___ component, or earning ___ starting position. I just want them to focus on becoming the strongest athlete they’re capable of becoming. All progress. No pressure.”

Garrett will take the athletes through weight-lifting and HIIT workouts to help them build football-specific strength and agility, while coaching them on proper form. He will also focus on correcting muscle imbalances and improving flexibility to prevent injury.

Call (248) 393-2085 to reserve your athlete’s spot in Garrett’s Post-Season Training Program. 

About Garrett

Garrett  will graduate from Oakland University next month with a BS in Exercise Science.  Afterward, he will pursue a Physical Therapy Assistant certification.  Prior to transferring to Oakland University, Garrett attended Alma College to play Division III Football.  Unfortunately, previous sports-related injuries forced Garret to step away from the sport he loved.  That path helped to shape Garrett’s educational and career ambitions. Initially, Garrett began lifting weights purely for sports. It wasn’t until injuries sustained during sports and exercise that Garrett was able to see the clinical side of exercise. Spending time in physical therapy, Garrett began studying the effects of exercise in sports performance and injury prevention. His classes at OU helped him understand and apply exercise physiology and biomechanics. Using this knowledge, he developed a safe, well rounded approach to training. While completing his internship at Great Lakes Athletic Club, Garrett has been studying for the IYCA Speed and Agility Specialist Certification and the ACE CPT certification. Working under the guidance of Athletic Director, Regan Slocum, Garrett has gained experience training clients of all ages and abilities. His eye for faulty movement patterns shows his attention to detail. Garrett is observant to clients’ needs and offers helpful coaching cues to offset muscle imbalances. This approach to training will help keep athletes safe while developing strength and power.

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