Today’s #TrainerTipTuesday featured our Athletic Director, Regan Slocum. Regan believes that setting goals that are both tangible and external (i.e. not just a number on the scale!) is one of the most effective ways to achieve long-lasting fitness results.

Here’s a little bit more from Regan on goal setting:

“Setting a bench mark goal can help you stick to your fitness plan.  For some, it’s a first 5k, for others it’s a bench press PR.  Whatever your interests are, try setting goals that are measurable and have a defined end period.  For instance, saying, “I’m going to run a Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving morning,” means you have a specific distance to accomplish on a specific date.  This is a measurable means to achieving a goal.  It takes hard work, training, and motivation to accomplish (and perhaps a great coach!), and the finish line is the reward for all your hard work!

As Personal Trainers, we love to celebrate those victories with our clients!  I’ve had the privilege of working with one client as she trained for her first 10K.  I knew she was prepared because we had a plan and followed through with proper strength training, nutrition and recovery.  She accomplished her goal and continues to live an active, healthy lifestyle!

If you’re ready for change, think about a goal that will challenge you.  Make the commitment to yourself and to your support circle.  Find a trainer or coach to guide you through the process.  Document your journey through journaling or social media.  Celebrate your accomplishment, knowing you are an inspiration to those around you!” (Slocum, Regan)

Regan Slocum is the Athletic Director & Speed and Agility Specialist at GLAC. Reach out to her to discuss your personal fitness/athletic goals as well as those of your kids! 


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