Ready to hit the reset button on your diet and lifestyle?

Ask about our Healthy Solutions™ or At Home™ programs at The HMR Program for Weight Management™at Great Lakes Athletic Club. These programs are designed to help you lose weight quickly while learning the skills you need to keep it off.

The secret to losing weight and keeping it off is not “dieting”. It’s learning new healthy habits and building them into your lifestyle in a way that works for you. It’s learning specific skills to make smarter lifestyle choices-skills that can help you improve the quality of your life and help you keep the weight off long after you leave the program.

Ranked by US News & World Report as a #1 Best Fast Weight-Loss Diet for a third consecutive year and one of the Best Weight-Loss Diets in the country, our program could help you lose weight quickly using a simple and filling diet.

“Successful weight loss is not only about losing pounds quickly, it’s about creating changes around eating and physical activity that you can sustain over the longer term,” said Carol Addy, M.D. MMSc, Chief Medical Officer at HMR. “By keeping the plan simple, people can lose weight quickly while building the skills they need for long-term weight management.”

Give us a call at (248) 972-2538 to learn more.

Complimentary information sessions are held every Monday (5:30 pm) and Thursday (12:00 pm).

“Although I only had about ten pesky pounds to lose, I just couldn’t shake them…I knew that GLAC was offering the HMR program, so I thought, why not try it? And after five short weeks—success! I consistently lost two pounds per week following HMR’s Healthy Solutions® program.”

Great Lakes Athletic Club Owner- Susan Madole

Simple diet. Amazing results.

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