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Road Runners Club of America (RRCA) Running Coach, National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM)-CPT, Cadence creator and coach, 3:13 marathoner and 4 x Boston Qualifier, Fordham University-Master's Creative Writing, University of Michigan-BA Film & Psychology

It's my passion and specialty to help you achieve (and often exceed!) whatever running goal(s) you're chasing down and I use my NASM-CPT certification to make sure you stay injury free while doing so. Regardless of your running experience, I'm sure you've heard someone say the sport is 90% mental, and while I'm no statistician and can't attest to that exact percentage, I do use my Psychology and creative arts degrees to make sure that you toe whatever start line you're targeting with a mental toolbox as packed and sharpened as your physical one. My coaching services include individualized running or combination running/strength plans and in-person coaching as well as my Cadence classes, which are open to all levels of runners (even new/non runners!) and included in the price of your GLAC membership.

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