GLAC Personal Trainer, Stephanie Murdock, on how, when it comes to working out and motherhood, a little bit of time can yield big results:  

“Now that I have two little ones, I have to make every minute of my workouts count. GRIT is one of my favorite ways to do just that–I’m in and out in just half an hour.

For those of you who don’t know, GRIT is a High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) class that combines cardio and strength training to help you target every major muscle group in just thirty minutes.

But then there are those days when even thirty minutes is too long, and I only have a few minutes to fit a workout in. On these days, I prioritize my exercises.

Since I am only seven months postpartum I make sure that I am getting my core training in first. I focus on the deep core muscles, glute training, and exercises for improving posture.

So, for you new mamas out there who are thinking you only have 5-10 minutes and it won’t be worth it… it is! And your body will thank you for it later. 😊

A little really does go a long way!”

Join Stephanie or one of our other instructors for a GRIT class!

(Checkout our Group Fitness Schedule here.)  

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