From GLAC Director of Personal Training, Roy McIntyre:

On the eve of our first MYZONE Club Challenge team event I’ll admit—I’m getting a little bit nervous. Not competition-nervous; more excited-nervous. We’ve invited some of our top MYZONE monthly points earners to compete against Cult Fitness 24/7 (located in Lauderdale, Tasmania, Australia) and Hub Total Fitness (located in Gladstone, Queensland, Australia).

Tomorrow the games begin and I just wanted to take a few minutes to thank our competitors and wish them well. You see, now more than ever, I consider them athletes and I’m very proud of each one of them. Everything they do to improve their health and fitness is going to be tracked and scored. They are accepting a challenge and putting themselves out there. Just like professional athletes, they have a start date, a competitive season, and an end to the competition. During this time, the more effort (intensity) they put into each training session the more points the team earns.

You may have noticed the big-screen TVs located in the cardio and lower-level strength training areas. These screens and the software connected to them track and score the individuals wearing the MYZONE effort tracking technology. That’s where the points are created and scored. As the effort level of the athlete increases so do the amount of points awarded per minute. What we’re tracking is how hard they train, regardless of the type of training being performed.

Some of the athletes have been taking our MYZONE class for years, others for just a few weeks, but all have come to understand the true benefits of fitness tracking technology. For many, it’s easier to track effort compared to weight, sets, reps, time, distance, and/or speed. Others have mentioned that you learn what it’s like to train and not just workout. Almost everyone agrees in one way or another that it’s motivating. It pushes them to do better and keeps them focused on training for a purpose.

This first competition is more of a friendly challenge designed to provide a little bit more motivation (as if this group needed it) during a time of the year when it’s a challenge to stay focused on our health and fitness goals. As family and seasonal festivities take extra precedents over our normality, it’s little tweaks like this that keep things moving in the right direction. So please, if you see one of our athletes training, give them a thumbs-up or a fist bump.

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Go Team GLAC!

Roy McIntyre

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  2. Pursuant to Michigan State Executive Order 2020-9 GLAC will be closing at 3PM 03/16/2020 as requested by the Emergency Management Office of the governor. We will remain closed until further notice. Check our Facebook page for ongoing updates.