This #FitMomFriday, GLAC Yoga Teacher, Lindsey Roldan, shares why she inverts regularly, and why Moms (and everyone!) would benefit by incorporating inversions into their days: 

“Inversions keep me calm in the midst of chaos. Taking those 15 or so breaths, upside down, with my legs over my heart, allows the blood to flow in
 an opposite direction than it does all day. It’s replenishing. It creates calmness, and helps me to feel as if I’m taking a break; taking time out to breathe and take care of myself.” (Lindsey) 

Inversions include postures such as scorpion, crow, bridge, plow, handstand, forearm stand and headstand.

(Watch here as Lindsey teaches how to do a proper headstand!)

So, without further ado, here are six reasons to practice inversions: 

  1. Inversions calm the mind.
  2. Inversions replenish the body as they reverse blood-flow direction.
  3. Inversions improve circulation.
  4. Inversions help alleviate stress, depression, and anxiety
  5. Inversions help to regulate the metabolism.
  6. Inversions can improve digestion.


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