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Great Lakes Athletic Club offers a broad range of sports and activities that appeal to anyone and everyone, from traditional activities and sports like basketball and swimming to more unconventional types like racquetball and rockwall climbing. No matter what your interests are, you can find a niche at GLAC. Here is an overview of the different options.

Who doesn’t like a classic game of hoops? GLAC is home to two full-length basketball courts perfect for your afternoon pick-up game. Besides the pick-up leagues available during family hours (Friday through Sunday 12-4 p.m.), there are also organized leagues you can join.

Indoor Cycling
Cycling is a terrific way to work on both strength and endurance and lends itself to a wide variety of workouts. Bikers of all abilities, from beginning cyclists to experienced riders, can take advantage of the cycling classes offered. For those who would prefer to ride solo, both upright and recumbent bikes are available.

Martial Arts
Both beginners and experienced martial artists can take advantage of the classes in Tang Soo Do, or Korean karate. Participants will learn both discipline and proper technique under the instruction of a sixth-degree black belt instructor. There are multiple class options for students of all ages.

If you are looking for a different type of activity that can still provide a great workout, racquetball may be for you. Enjoy a high-intensity game at one of the two courts available.

Rock Wall
Perfect for those looking for more of a laid-back and fun activity, the rockwall features multiple faces for different skill levels and measures more than 25 feet high. Strap in using the auto-belay system and start climbing.

At the end of the day, some prefer the tried-and-true sport of running. GLAC offers an indoor track with designated lanes for walking, running, and passing as well as treadmill equipment. Whether you’re planning to embark on a long run or simply looking to jog for a little while, you can find a spot to do so.

With an indoor and a seasonal outdoor pool, GLAC houses plenty of space for both serious swimmers looking to get their daily laps in as well as those looking to take a break and enjoy the poolside comforts. With lanes, a diving area, a water slide, and anaerobic area, the pools truly cover their bases. Numerous swim classes, including a swim team, are also available.

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