Who doesn’t love a classic game of hoops? From backyard matchups to the NBA, basketball remains one of the most popular sports in America. GLAC boasts two full-length courts, perfect for the afternoon pick-up game. During family hours, which are held Friday through Sunday, 12-4 p.m., free pick-up league games are held. If you would prefer a more formalized league, there is an option for regularly scheduled games with referees. Simply put a team together and sign up at the front desk.

Besides the plethora of opportunities afforded by the basketball courts, parents can sign their children up for individual basketball training under the direction of Jake Shockey, a former Orchard Lake St. Mary’s and Aquinas College player. Both private and semi-private (groups of three) lessons are available for either five or ten hour-long sessions. These lessons may appeal to those who are just trying out the game for the first time and want a little more practice before testing out their skills in a formal game, and they can also help more experienced players hone in on their talents and work on their weaknesses.

Basketball is an excellent way to develop muscle coordination and hand-eye coordination. Through practicing skills like dribbling, passing, and shooting, players can improve their motor skills. In addition, skills such as jumping and pivoting can increase balance, and lateral movements like shuffling work on agility.

Besides the skills themselves, basketball is a physical sport that involves a lot of contact through movements such as boxing out and rebounding that develop strength. Hustling down and back along the court and the quick movements involved in defense develop both speed and endurance. As a team sport, basketball also demands quick decision-making and cooperation within a group, skills that prove invaluable later in life.

Basketball in general can also be a fun and relaxing hobby that can still provide a good workout. Games can be made as intense or as relaxed as the players wish, and strong friendships can form through regularly meeting up to play. Through regularly meeting to play a game or even shoot around of hoops, players grow closer and become fast friends.

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