Indoor Cycling

Indoor cycling is a terrific way to work up a sweat without the inconveniences of the outdoors. Instead of worrying about passersby, traffic, or the weather, simply hop on a bike and get into a groove. Cycling can be used for a variety of workouts, from a longer and slower ride to focus on endurance to a shorter and faster ride to work on strength and power.

Upright or Recumbent
Great Lakes Athletics Club (GLAC) offers both upright and recumbent (reclining) bikes for workouts. Newbies can readily try out cycling for the first time without having to worry about the different workout settings, while those with a more extensive cycling background can take advantage of the different built-in workout options. They can also adjust the resistance and create their own workouts.

GLAC cycling classes, which can be an excellent way to get introduced to cycling in a more structured environment. Cycling beginners have the opportunity to become acquainted with cycling and receive advice from instructors and participants. For beginners, working out with a group can be less intimidating than hopping on a bike alone and trying to figure out what all the little settings mean. Meeting other participants with an interest in cycling can forge exercise partnerships or even friendships that extend beyond the gym.

More experienced cyclists, though they might already be familiar with the bikes and their various functions, can interact and exercise with fellow fitness fanatics, all the while enjoying a good workout. Overall, classes give members the chance to try out a new form of exercise while members encourage and push each other through the toughest parts of the ride.

Cycle and Cycle Express
Great Lakes Athletic offers two different cycling classes: Cycle and Cycle Express.

Cycle is a 60-minute challenge ride, perfect for those looking to push themselves. Newbies looking to develop their cycling fitness and experienced riders looking to take on a tough ride alike will enjoy this class.

Cycle Express is shorter, lasting 45 minutes, and focuses more on strength and endurance. This class is ideal for those who are looking to increase their power. Rookie riders just beginning to build their cycling fitness and long-time riders with well-developed stamina will equally enjoy this class.

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