After a while, an exercise regimen can become stale, and you might approach your regular workouts with disinterest or even dread. When this happens, oftentimes you might want to alter your workouts to provide some variety. Even the slightest of changes, such as adding short intervals into a long run, can make a huge impact.

Sometimes, however, a more drastic change is needed, perhaps in the form of a new activity altogether. Trying out a new exercise or new sport can rejuvenate the self and inject excitement into workouts again. Plus, exploring other options might lead to meeting others in a similar situation, and new workout partnerships can be forged.

Racquetball is one such alternative activity that fitness fanatics might want to try. It combines speed, endurance, hand-eye coordination, and strategy into a high-intensity game.In racquetball matches, players get a rally going and try to prevent their opponent from either hitting the ball before it bounces twice or from allowing the ball to hit the front wall before it bounces on the floor. Games can become quite intense, and players can utilize a wide variety of techniques to outlast their opponents or to force them to make tough shots.

The Game
First invented in the 1950s, racquetball has emerged in popularity in recent years, as more people are enjoying the benefits of a different activity that still provides just as much of a workout as the treadmill. With the constant movement, longer rallies can prove just as tiring as an intense cycling class, sometimes even more so.

Each game of racquetball involves two players, so this is a perfect activity for you and a friend. You and your partner can be as competitive or as relaxed as you wish. If you both are just starting to learn, you can help each other out and can work together to develop your skills, and if you both are more experienced, you can challenge each other and create quite the competition.

Our Courts
GLAC is home to two different courts designated for racquetball, squash, wallyball, paddleball, and handball. There are also leagues available for those who feel ready to take on other opponents.

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