Rock Wall

Great Lakes Athletic Club’s rock wall has three different faces for different skill levels, so you can either take it easy or challenge yourself on any given day. Measuring more than 25 feet high, this wall is prepared to test even the most experienced of climbers. Users can also take advantage of the auto-belay system, meaning that an individual can climb without the need for a partner to act as the belayer. Simply clip in, and you’re good to go — the system will take care of the slack and will ensure that you descend safely.

Physical Benefits

The climbing wall is commonly seen as a fun activity for kids during summer camps or field trips, but when used correctly, it can function as an effective workout. Rock climbing involves all parts of the body — upper, lower, and core — to make it to the top. Climbers must use their legs to push up from different steps, their arms to pull themselves up, and their core to maintain balance. Regular climbing utilizes all the different muscle groups to build strength and endurance, and a single climb can provide cardiovascular benefits similar to those of stair climbing or running.

In addition, climbing develops greater flexibility, as climbers must often contort their bodies in all sorts of shapes to reach the next step. Tricky maneuvers force you to twist and turn in ways you would never normally and thus demand a greater range of motion, boosting your muscles’ ability to stretch and rotate to accommodate your next move.

Improve Problem-Solving Abilities

Besides physical benefits, rock climbing also provides valuable lessons in problem-solving. When stuck, climbers must assess the situation, develop a new strategy, and execute it, all of which constitute essential life skills. While climbing, you must focus on the task at hand and pay attention to your surroundings, ready to adopt a new technique or path as necessary.

Increase Self-Confidence

Through the completion of tough challenges, climbing can inspire confidence, since the process of overcoming obstacles provides a sense of accomplishment. Finally, climbing can help reduce stress, as you learn to focus on one task at a time and remain calm, even in the face of a particularly difficultproblem.

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