While numerous diets and workout regimens have beenhailed as the next best way to lose weight and increase fitness levels, sometimes it’s nice to return to the classics.Running is a long-since tested method to improve one’s overall health. One of the most appealing aspects of running is its flexibility. Simply put, there are no limits. Light jogging, interval training, and long runs alike can all be incorporated into a workout routine, and all can serve different purposes.
Great Lakes Athletic Club provides both treadmill equipment and an indoor track for runners and walkers alike. Beginners, hobby joggers, and experienced runners will find options available for them.

Indoor Track
The indoor track includes three lanes designated for runners, walkers, and passing, so it is convenient for those looking to get a run in without having to worry about interference from others on the same path. It also measures a tenth of a mile, making it easy to keep track of distance. Its shock-absorbent quality means it will not be too hard on the legs and feet, which can be a nice break from the pounding of the treadmill or the sidewalk. The treadmills also provide an easy way to get a good run in without having to worry about the weather or finding a route.

Some may prefer shorter and faster runs and might specialize in short 5k races, while others may take to the slow and steady pace of marathon training. Some may like the tranquility of trail running, while others may want the background noise of running on city streets. Some may decide to run alone, while others may opt for the company of a partner. Still others may combine all possibilities and alternate between shorter and longer runs, trail running and sidewalk running, and solo runs and group runs. No matter what your style, GLAC has an option for you.

The benefits are as endless as the possibilities. Running is a physically demanding activity that builds stamina, endurance, and strength. It works the lower body and stimulates the cardiovascular system. It also develops discipline, character, and mental strength and can lead to a higher sense of self-confidence.

Those who live in nicer climates or who keep flexible schedules might have the luxury of heading out for a run at any time of the day, but many runners might not be able to run until later in the evening when traffic abounds and the sun goes down. Others might live in areas that often have poor weather that is hardly conducive to running outside on a regular basis.So, make GLAC your home for your regular runs and take advantage of its equipment and track.

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