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Oakland University – BS Exercise Science, National Academy of Sports Medicine – CPT, Pre & Post-natal Exercise Specialist, Les Mills Grit Certified Coach, Kettlebell Certified, DI Volleyball-Oakland University, FiT Founder and Coach

In addition to my bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science from Oakland University I am also a certified personal trainer through NASM. I was hired as an intern in 2009 and immediately felI in love with GLAC’s atmosphere and people. My love for athletics and competition led me to the fitness industry and I have not looked back. One of my passions is working with athletes. While playing collegiate volleyball it became obvious to me that a great strength and conditioning coach can not only shape a player’s physical abilities, but their attitude and mental toughness as well. Another passion of mine is working with women, and now that I am a mom myself, I am especially eager to help pre and post-natal clients. I love helping them improve not only their overall physical strength, but increase their confidence too.I created the FIT Challenge for women and have implemented Myzone technology to track both strength training and cardiovascular workouts. I keep an eye on my clients to make sure they put in the work, even when they can’t make it to the gym! I’m so proud to be a part of so many accomplishments. I’ve coached women to achieve their first pull up or increase the amount of weight they can bench press! My program goes beyond weight loss, I really have found a way to help women become stronger, healthier, more athletic and confident!

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