Mom guilt. We’ve all experienced this feeling before. I know I have a time or two (or three or four). Dropping my kids off at childcare to have someone else watch them while I spend time to myself can leave me feeling a little guilty at times, especially if my child is crying when I drop her off. [Trust that your kids are in good hands. And, you are still in the same building as your babies, only a few steps away!]


Mom’s are some of the most selfless human beings on the planet. But, if we want to continue to take care of our families, we need to keep ourselves healthy as well. Not just physically, but mentally too! Exercise is a great stress reliever. We could all use a little less stress in our lives. We will be better Mom’s because of it! Use this time to work on YOU for once. Do you have to be at the gym 2 to 3 hours at a time everyday? No! I typically keep my training sessions anywhere from 30 min to an hour max, 3 to 5 times a week. Stay active with your kids the days you have off. Check out the basketball court and pool family hours now that it is getting colder outside!


My reason for wanting to stay fit now has evolved into so much more since having children. Yes, I still want to look and feel good about myself [my appearance], but I also want to be able to run around and play sports with my kids or be able to hold a baby all day that just doesn’t want to be put down. That is why my kids have become my reason for staying healthy and fit, not my excuse!

By Stephanie Murdock, GLAC Personal Trainer 

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