A couple of Fridays ago, GLAC Personal Trainer, Stephanie Murdock, shared with us three exercises for improved posture. This week, for #FitMomFriday, Yoga Teacher, Lindsey Roldan shares three yoga poses that will also help:

Posture #1: Down Dog 

How to do it: Press into palms, spread fingers wide for extra support, lift hips, lower heals, release the head, press chest back towards highs. Breathe.

Benefits: Elongates spine, releases neck tension, opens chest, lengthens arms and legs.

Posture #2: Wheel 

How to do it: Lay on back, bend knees,

place hands next to ears, pull bellybutton towards spine- strengthening the abdominals, utilize the back body to lift off the ground and (mindfully) allow the head to carefully fall back.

Benefits: Strengthens the back body while opening the front body. *we (as mothers especially) spend a lot of time holding babies, changing diapers, playing on the floor with our little ones, always hunched over, rounding the shoulders. This is great to counter that.

Posture #3: Child’s Pose 

How to do it: From table top (hands and knees) bring the big ties together behind you, open the knees wide, sit hips back towards heels and walk hands forward and allow your forehead to lower to the mat (or turn onto a cheek)

Benefits: As the spine lengthens, the pelvis releases, also opening the hips. The chest opens and ,if you walk your hands forward enough, you will get a stretch under the armpits.

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