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Our team believes workouts should be fun, challenging, and safe. Our expert staff of trainers is here to help you achieve your fitness goals, no matter your fitness level or experience. We offer training programs to suit everyone’s individual needs.

From lifestyle and nutrition plans, to specialized sports training and body building, we can help you obtain results. Contact us for more information about weight training, post-rehabilitation training, weight management strategies, and flexibility training.

Personalized Training

Individual Training
Receive one-on-one training with a knowledgeable and experienced instructor.Whether you want to stay in shape, are training for a special event or a specific sportour expert personal trainers are passionate about their work and can help you achieve your goals.

Partner Training
Do you work better in pairs? You’ll receive the benefit of our trainer’s individualized approach in a small-team environment.

Partner training is the perfect combination of individual training and group training. Our expert trainers will help you set goals and work with you to develop a fitness plan.  You also receive the motivation of a partner dynamic that can only be provided in this small-group setting.

Group Training
Feed off the motivation of your peers in a fun group training workout. Studies show you are more likely to reach your fitness goals when you have someone to push you.

Group training sessions are designed to be fun and challenging. No matter your skill level, you can start seeing results with a group session. If you are someone who thrives off a team dynamic, group training is for you.

Specialized Training Programs

Les Mills Grit Series
This program is for individuals looking to push themselves to the next level. Conquer three unique workouts in a team training setting.

Strength, plyometrics, and cardio are the three areas of focus in the Les Mills Grit Series. This program is designed for individuals looking to challenge themselves. These 30-minute sessions will push you to your limits.


CHAOS is a unique program designed to provide an all-around training solution using MYZONE technology. From strength to flexibility, CHAOS is a fun, intense workout experience.

CHAOS is the ultimate fitness program for individuals looking to improve their strength and flexibility while decreasing their body fat. CHAOS workouts are held in a small-group setting, offering you the benefit of working closely with our trainers, while enjoying the motivation that can only come from a group workout.

Great Lakes Athletic Club Training Policies

– You must pay for your training prior to your session.

– Please check in with our team and let us know what session and trainer you are here to see.

– Please arrive on time because sessions are scheduled for 30 or 55 minutes.

– Cancellations must be made with at least 24 hours notice. Great Lakes Athletic Club maintains the right to collect payment for sessions canceled with less than 24 hours notice.

– Our trainers respect your schedule and provide notice when rescheduling is necessary.

– Training sessions are non-refundable

– Sessions are transferable between trainers, as all sessions are purchased from Great Lakes Athletic Club, not individual trainers.

– Unused training sessions will expire one year following your purchase.

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