Individual Training

Are you looking for someone to help you focus on achieving your fitness goals? An individual trainer is a perfect solution for those who want the undivided attention of our expert team. We understand the motivation for choosing a personal trainer: you want someone to help you reach your goals.

If you are looking for a workout program with an undivided focus on your goals, your fitness level, and your results, the individual training program is for you.

What Trainers Do

Individualtrainers can help you create a workout plan and routine that fits your goals. We use our expertise to help you reach the fitness level you want. We’ll also help you make sure you are doing the exercises properly and create individualized workout plans that get noticeable results. With focused training, you will see quicker results.

When you work with one of our personal trainers on an individual level, you don’t just receive our advice on how to complete an exercise correctly, you receive a coach and advocate who can help youachieve the results you desire. Having a support system of experienced, professional trainers is one of the benefits of the Great Lakes Athletic Club Individual Training Program. Our trainers will hold you accountable to keep up with your exercise and fitness plan. Most importantly, we’re here for you on an individual level that is unrivaled by group training or larger fitness classes.

Fitness Levels
Our trainers have worked with individuals of all fitness levels. Never let your ability prevent you from reaching your fitness goals. In fact, individual training is excellent for beginners because our team can create a plan that fits your skill level. We can help you create a plan that works for you.

Advanced individuals can benefit from an individual training program to help push themselves even further. We can help you exceed your fitness expectations.

Our individual trainers will push you to be the best you can.

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