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Great Lakes offers a variety of classes and is dedicated to helping you get in shape and lead a healthy lifestyle.

Active Life – If you are new to cardio this class is a great place to start. It is a gentle cardio workout that helps build strength and a foundation for a healthy life.

Aqua Deep – Exercising in a pool offers the opportunity to improve cardio endurance and strength with zero impact. This is ideal for people with joint issues, or anyone who doesn’t mind getting a little wet.

Aqua Mix – This class combines cardio and strength training with a focus on burning fat. Zero impact means it is easy on your joints, and it is lots of fun!

Aqua Waves – A gentle workout for beginners looking to strengthen as well as build cardio endurance. This is a great place to start if you have muscle or joint ailments.

BODYSTEP (classic) – Perfect for toning those buns and thighs, BODYSTEP is simple and fun. It is just stepping as if you were walking up and down stairs.

BODYSTEP (athletic) – Looking for more from your step workout? This class is for you. It is still a stepping workout, but a little more intense for people looking to turn it up a notch.

BODYPUMP – Tone those arms for tank top season. This barbell workout strengthens and tones the entire body while burning calories. Light to moderate barbells available.

BODYCOMBAT – The perfect combination of working out and martial arts. This is a high-energy workout where you will also learn how to punch, kick, and strike. This is anexcellent option if you are searching for amore challenging routine.

Cycle – Hop on that bike and ride your way to a healthier life. This is a 60-minute cycle class designed to help you get in shape and tone those legs.

Cycle Express – If want a shorter ride that works towards strength and endurance, this cycling class is for you. This class is 45-minutes is a terrific workout for getting and staying in shape.

Freemotion – Freemotion focuses on improving strength, endurance, flexibility, and power. Our instructors offer guidance on equipment operation and a routine to help you meet your personal goals.

Fusion Tone – This is an energetic workout that combines cardio and strength interval style. This is perfect for conditioning your body and building endurance.

Hatha – A great class if you are new to yoga. The Hatha poses focus on breath, posture, and relaxation at a moderate pace.

Hatha Advanced – This class is for the already physically active. It offers more challenging poses that will stretch muscles worked by fitness and sports. This would be a great option if you had a hard strength workout the previous day.

Kettlebell – New to Kettlebells? No problem! This class will teach you the proper Kettlebell technique and form while incorporating strength, cardio and power training.

Kick Tone – A cardio class that will get you moving. This non-contact freestyle class combines jabs, punches, kicks, drills, and body weight renitence exercises to give you a fun and fast paced workout.

Kids Yoga – This class is designed for yogis ages 7-11. Kids will explore breathing, poses, and relaxation techniques in a positive environment.

Mat Pilates – Take it to the mat to lengthen and strengthen muscles. These dynamic exercises are certain to get your blood pumping and to give you the full Pilates experience.

Sculpt Tone – This freestyle strength class is designed to help you sculpt and tone your entire body. This is a great beginner strength building class.

Sculpt Tone X – This is another freestyle strength class designed to help you sculpt and tone. However, this class will focus on your upper body and core.

Vinyasa – This is more than just a yoga class, and is sure to strengthen and tone the whole body. This class combines breath and energetic flowing movement to create a vigorous and challenging workout.

Yin – This yoga class incorporates longer and deeper stretches by working right to the connective tissue in the muscle to increase one’s range of motion. This class will deeply relax as it tones and improves flexibility.

Zumba –By mixing low-intensity and high-intensity moves at interval style, it creates the best dance fitness party you’ve ever been invited to.

Zumba Plus Zumba Toning – This is the same dance fitness party as before, except it incorporates targeted body-sculpting exercise using Zumba Toning Sticks. This class is perfect if you are looking for a cardio workout that also tones muscle.

Zumba Toning – Another dance fitness party that includes an extra emphasis on toning and sculpting using Zumba Toning Sticks. This class focuses more on muscle building, and less on cardio.

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