One benefit of swimming is that upon completing a workout, you can enjoy the rest of the pool and either relax in a shallow end of the water or sit comfortably poolside. Great Lakes Athletic Club allows you to do both. The indoor pool boasts a waterslide, waterfall, and an aerobic area in addition to the 25-meter lanes. So, once you’re done with your laps, you can take a few turns on the waterslide to cool down. The depth ranges from one to five-and-a-half feet, so you don’t have to worry if treading water is not your specialty, and there are designated areas for children. The temperature is kept at a toasty 83 degrees, so gone are the days of emerging from the pool shivering from the cold water.

Olympic-Size Pool
The seasonal Olympic-size outdoor pool includes a waterslide and diving area, 25-meter lanes, zero depth entry, and general swim areas. It’s perfect for a day out with the family or for an excellent workout. Once you finish your laps, you can relax poolside amongst the abundance of available seating or sit in the shallow end, as the depth ranges from zero t0 12.5 feet.

There are numerous options for swim classes, including parent-and-child aquatics for infants and toddlers, swim lessons for children ages six and older, and private lessons for members. In addition, children between ages six and 18 can join the Navigators swim team.

Adults can choose from three different aquatics classes. The Aqua Deep class meets once a week and works on improving endurance and strength while in, as the name suggests, deeper water for less of an impact on the body. The Aqua Mix class is also a cardio class that meets six days a week. The Aqua Waves class is geared toward beginners or those with muscle and joint ailments and provides a gentler workout.

Swimming can prove an excellent exercise alternative to other activities like cycling and running. It is not as hard on the body as running and avoids the equipment needs for cycling, all the while providing a physically demanding and challenging workout. Swimming quite obviously works the upper body, but it also utilizes the legs and builds endurance and breath support. It requires little in the way of equipment other than a bathing suit and perhaps a pair of goggles, and can be done at any time of the day. Plus, swimming, like all forms of exercise, helps reduce stress and develop higher levels of confidence.

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