The MYZONE program at the Great Lakes Athletic Club gives you an opportunity to track your progress and provide instant effort feedback through heart tracking technology.

MYZONE incorporates various sets of trainingthat focus on increasing your strength and improving your general health. Participants follow a fixed, three-element, weekly schedule to achieve optimal results: IGNITE, BURN, and BUILD.

During IGNITE sessions on Monday and Tuesday, your body will burn approximately 400 – 800 calories per training. You accomplish this by combining two types of exercises: Intense Resistance Training (IRT) and Cardio Interval Training (CIT).

On Wednesday and Thursday, get ready to increase the tempo with BURN sessions. During these two days, high-intensitytraining and constant exercise rotating will make your body burn calories. Many participants burn an average of over 1,000 calories per session!

With BUILD on Friday and Saturday,you slow down and focus upon sculpturing your body. Friday and Saturday are the days to concentrate on building muscle mass and achieving a healthy and athletic look.

The best thing about this program is the constant motivation. You see results quickly, which motivates you to continue following the program.

The MYZONE heartrate based tracking system utilizes a chest strap you wear while exercising and can followon a live display during your sessions.

All your monitored data uploads wirelessly to online data storage cloud system allowing you to access it anywhere, anytime.

This is the one-of-a-kind exercise tracking program, with proven results ranging from weight loss to body definition.

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