All new members get a free personal training consultation with their membership! Email our Personal Training Director, Regan, or checkout our trainers and coaches below to find out who might be the best fit for you! Members also get free small group training through our new Training Effect class series. Or, check out our FiT (for women) and CHAOS programs for smaller, more personalized group training. 

Paulette Belanger

Gary Greib

Regan Slocum

Susie King

Maria Brandon

Stephanie Murdock

Andrew Tallman

Bethani DeSantis

Jennifer Pozzi

Verna Leoni


FiT is a program for women, developed and coached by Stephanie Murdock, to help you achieve your next level of individual fitness, while gaining energy and confidence, no matter what season of life you're in.

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CHAOS is bootcamp-style small group training coached by Andrew Tallman designed to dodge fitness plateaus and maximize gains by keeping your body and mind in a constant state of stimulation (i.e. "chaos"), helping you feel more energetic and stay injury free.

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